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Zeetex Launches New Tire Pattern

Miami, USA – ZEETEX knows how to keep the tires rolling. Considering the changing needs and requirements of the consumers, ZEETEX introduced a new pattern – ZT3000 – which is predominantly positioned as an All-Season Touring Tire.

ZEETEX ZT3000 comes with exciting features and benefits and has asymmetrical tread pattern with balanced driving behavior for all weather conditions. The wet grip & traction is truly exceptional due to its circumferential & lateral grooves that in turn results in shorter braking distance. Lastly, it delivers extra-ordinary driving comfort and low road noise due to optimal pitch variation of the tread.
“The tire industry is quite dynamic, where staying ahead of the competition depends on how well you shape your products in line with the consumers’ requirements. ZEETEX makes sure to put its R&D efforts at the forefront and keep improving continuously to excel in the market”, says Mr. Raghavendra Sanga – Head of Product Communication & Marketing at ZAFCO.
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ZEETEX Launches Online Tire Safety Campaign

Dubai, UAE – Being one of the innovative and quality-driven tire brands, ZEETEX knows how important it is to keep the customers satisfied by ensuring their safety and comfort. Keeping that in mind, ZEETEX has launched an online Tire Safety Campaign for both B2B and B2C segments, addressing the key concerns and tips that must be taken care of by the users.
Topics like Tire Inflation, over-inflation, and optimum pressure levels, are covered in the form of text and graphical content. The campaign emphasizes on encouraging the target audience to get the best out of their tires by following the suggested measures. The time and effort is less, but the benefits are manifold such as, extra mileage, fuel efficiency, vehicle safety and stability, and improved tire life.
In retrospect of its extra-ordinary performance in independent test results of Auto Bild & IDIADA , ZEETEX continues to strive forward to do more by creating awareness and helping the customers yield maximum benefits out of ZEETEX Tires. This campaign is a true gesture of being a responsible brand, yielding positive outcomes for the customers, environment, and the overall society.
Follow the Campaign under the hashtags
#ZEETEX #FuelForTires #SpendAnExtraMinute
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ZEETEX Launches New Patterns in Austria

New series offer better road-handling and traction while delivering longer mileages. ZEETEX has unveiled six new offerings for passenger, UHP, 4×4 and commercial tires held on February 5 at the Hotel Gut Brandlhof in Austria to meet the ever-widening needs of the European market while buttressing ZEETEX’s superiority as a brand. The successful launch was attended by over 30 to 40 European and Russian distributors and garnered positive reviews concerning the new range of tires.
The new offerings are geared to change the European tire scene, offering enhanced dry grip and steering response, good traction, exceptional ride comfort and good handling, exceptional mileage and reduced aquaplaning. All these qualities are aimed at giving European drivers the advantage while ensuring a pleasurable ride experience with more miles to the pedal. To spice up affairs, the SU1000 and HP1000 were unveiled to customers during an impressive hoop performance that left distributors at the event thrilled and speechless.
The act merged high speed balancing of hoops with the intensity and dynamics of hand-to-hand skills. Next up was a contortionist event – showcasing the extreme flexibility of the human body with splits, over spits, back-bends and triple-fold – to introduce the AT1000, HT1000 and CT1000.
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ZEETEX Shines at Reifen Show, Essen 2016

Essen, Germany – Taking the brands to limelight has been a norm for ZAFCO, and this year’s Reifen Show was no exception. Just like every time, ZAFCO’s booth was a sheer manifestation of style and elegance with appropriate display of products and appealing activities.
The Product Launch for the much-awaited “Value for Money” range of ZEETEX was carried out on the first day of exhibition, unveiling 4 new patterns including Van Tire, CT2000 vfm and UHP tire, HP2000 vfm. In Truck and Bus Radial segment, new generation FRT Tire for Longhaul application, “ZTH1 Extra” and new generation Drive axle tire for Regional application, “ZDR3 Extra” were also launched.
A wide range of products from ZEETEX were exhibited for the European market, covering all tire categories. The visitors were engaged in the race-track activity that created excitement and buzz on the booth.
A lavish gala dinner event was organized at Atlantic Congress Hotel on the second day of exhibition, which was attended by around 110 people. An exclusive Loyalty Program called ‘GRATIAZ’ was launched in the event, followed by an in-depth product presentation and test results of new ZEETEX VFM Range.
“As always, the footfall at the Reifen show was massive and having a remarkable response for our products certainly paid-off. Being there among the top tire manufacturers and having strong product portfolio, ZAFCO vows to keep striving forward by offering tailor-made products to the market. Last but not the least, the visitors were delighted to see the test results of our new products”, says Mr. Raghavendra Sanga – Head of Product Communication & Marketing.
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ZEETEX Brings Value at Automechanika, Dubai

Dubai, UAE – Yet another success story was written for ZEETEX at this year’s Automechanika – one of the biggest Automotive exhibitions. ZEETEX showcased wide range of products meant especially for Middle East & African markets.

ZEETEX was under the limelight as the most-awaited ZEETEX Product Launch proved to be a show-stopper at the exhibition. The new Value for Money (VFM) Range having 4 patterns for PCR, UHP, 4×4, and Light Truck Tyres were launched on the second day of the exhibition. The VFM range is meant for the customers who look for value in terms of quality, price, and durability.

RJ Pallavi from SUNO 1024 FM was invited to host the launching ceremony in style, followed by the lucky draw to giveaway exciting prizes to the winners. Having a new concept of Mini-golf activity added charm to our booth, as the visitors were engaged in the activity and took home free giveaways.

“We are glad to see the interest being shown by our regular and potential customers towards the new product assortment that we come up with. Our R&D efforts pay off every time and based on our new offerings we are even more optimistic than before”, says Mr. Raghavendra Sanga – Head of Product Communication & Marketing.

Another Milestone for Zeetex

Herten, Germany – ZEETEX marks yet another massive achievement in the Tyre Industry where it proved its exemplary performance among top tyre brands based on different parameters.

An independent test was conducted by Auto Bild to rate the tyres based on noise, mileage, fuel economy, handling, and braking efficiency on dry and wet surfaces.


Criteria of Selection

Auto Bild picked up 53 tyre brands for an initial Braking test both on dry and wet surface, out of which 18 brands were filtered out based on their test results. The sheer performance of ZEETEX gave it an edge for getting selected among those 18 brands for further scrutiny based on other parameters.


ZEETEX Results

Privileged to have performed way better than other top-notch brands with higher brand value, ZEETEX yielded remarkable results with its PCR pattern ZT1000 as shown below,


Parameters Position Details
Pass-by Noise 1st Lowest noise compared to other 17 brands
Price per Mileage 2nd Excellent value for mileage
Rolling Resistance 5th Fuel Efficient and Environment friendly
Aquaplaning 9th On 7 millimeters water thickness
Braking Distance (Dry & Wet) 13th For firm grip and extra-ordinary safety


Auto Bild test has a significant importance and matters a lot especially to the tyre dealers and end-users, says Mr. Raghavendra Sanga – Head of Product Communication & Marketing at ZAFCO. The R&D efforts by ZEETEX are paying off in a smart way where we would continue to march forward with utmost value for our customers and care for the environment as a whole, because achieving the unexpected has always been our priority, adds Mr. Sanga.

Interestingly for ZEETEX, market development has gone smoothly up till now where its quality and reliability has provided it a springboard to be one of the next top tyre brands.

ZEETEX Launches New Patterns at SEMA 2015

Las Vegas, NV – There was a lot of traction around the ZAFCO booth this year as ZEETEX unveiled two brand new patterns: the all-season ZEETEX ZT3000, an eco-friendly alternative in the PCR category that offers exceptional wet grip and balanced driving behavior.

“The traffic this year was exciting,” says Giovanni Arrigone, COO of ZAFCO International. “With the current market situation and raging price wars, our brands, which are manufactured primarily in Indonesia, continue to provide an attractive alternative to the drivers looking for superior quality at value-driven prices. That’s what ZAFCO does best.”

The booth also featured Café Zee, a creative concept introduced by ZEETEX, inviting attendees for some tyre talk over a cup of coffee. The four-day agenda at SEMA was dedicated to deepening existing relationships and cultivating new ones.

Zeetex Shows Up at Autopromotec

Bologna, Italy – The exhibition took place in Bologna, Italy from May 20th till 24th, 2015 where ZAFCO’s elegant booth seemed to be the center of attention for the visitors.


A strong brand combo of ZEETEX and OTANI were displayed where a wide range of tyre categories were presented including PCR, LTR, and TBR of ZEETEX. The recent achievement by ZEETEX ZT1000 in Auto Bild test results kept the brand in the limelight for the visitors, potential customers, and media.


“Autopromotec proved to be yet another successful event for ZAFCO as the footfall at the booth was substantial enough to generate leads for both the brands. We celebrated 10th anniversary for ZEETEX as the brand has come a long way to this level where some distributors are still with us since the very beginning”, says Mr. Raghavendra Sanga – Head of Product Communication & Marketing.


For existing and potential customers, ZAFCO arranged a lavish Gala Dinner at I Portici Hotel Bologna on May 21st 2015. The attendees were enlightened on how ZAFCO is a one-stop solution for them and how they can benefit from ZAFCO. Later on, the attendees were entertained with a music and photo session, followed by the cake-cutting ceremony for ZEETEX anniversary and dinner.

Café Zee Expands its Footprints

Dubai, U.A.E – Expansion is on the go for Café Zee, as yet another outlet was opened at Jilphar – one of ZAFCO’s distributors in Ras Al Khor area of Dubai this month.

Keeping in mind its inauguration last month, ZEETEX continues to brand Café Zee as a concept store for engaging the customers in an ambiance that gives a look and feel of an automotive branded café meant for relaxation.

Any customer coming for tyre installation, tyre repair, oil change, etc. would be offered with free refreshments while their vehicles get serviced. In addition, people can relax in the store on comfy couches, watch television, read product catalogs, and do networking with others.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was done by Mr. Amir Abbas – Executive Director at ZAFCO. The staff including the sales team of ZEETEX was there to witness this exciting event.

“Our distributors from a number of countries came for Automechanika this month, so it was an apt time for us to make them familiar with this idea. The response was superb. They are interested in taking Café Zee to an international level and we are working on expanding its footprints to other markets.” says Mr. Hadi Raza Noorani – Senior Vice President of Africa Business at ZAFCO.

Zeetex Steals the Show at Automechanika

Dubai, U.A.E – Being a regular exhibitor at Automechanika Dubai, ZAFCO took the honor of presenting 5 brands from its portfolio to thousands of visitors coming from different parts of the world, especially Africa and Middle East.


Having one of the most sublime booths in the exhibition hall, ZAFCO put in limelight, its own brand ZEETEX where the stand seemed to be a complete solution for the visitors and potential customers as they could find both PCR and TBR ty
re categories.

ZEETEX Batteries and Lubricants were an addition to the product display this year, where it was complementing the overall offerings of ZEETEX under one umbrella.


Apart from the product offerings, ZAFCO made sure to entertain the visitors in an exciting way by introducing Net the Ball activity and their personal photoshoot. The contestants of Net the Ball activity had to net the football in the tyre basket and the winners were rewarded with the footballs.


Automechanika was surely a successful one for ZAFCO as the footfall at the booth was substantial enough to generate considerable number of leads from several countries. In addition, Automechanika Academy session organized by Business Guide Africa facilitated ZAFCO in promoting its offerings to the potential customers from Africa.


“Just like last year, ZAFCO team is making sure to make the most out of those leads and expand the business by building long-term relationships because ‘Growing Together’ is what ZAFCO believes in”, says Mr. Raghavendra Sanga – Head of Product Communication & Marketing at ZAFCO.


For existing and potential customers, ZAFCO arranged a lavish Gala Dinner at iconic Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa Dubai on June 3rd 2015. The attendees were enlightened on how ZAFCO is a one-stop solution for them and how they can benefit from ZAFCO. Later on, the attendees were engaged in a fascinating Drum Activity by Dubai Drums entertainer, which was followed by a lavish buffet dinner and photo session.