Day: November 11, 2015

ZEETEX Launches New Patterns at SEMA 2015

Las Vegas, NV – There was a lot of traction around the ZAFCO booth this year as ZEETEX unveiled two brand new patterns: the all-season ZEETEX ZT3000, an eco-friendly alternative in the PCR category that offers exceptional wet grip and balanced driving behavior.

“The traffic this year was exciting,” says Giovanni Arrigone, COO of ZAFCO International. “With the current market situation and raging price wars, our brands, which are manufactured primarily in Indonesia, continue to provide an attractive alternative to the drivers looking for superior quality at value-driven prices. That’s what ZAFCO does best.”

The booth also featured Café Zee, a creative concept introduced by ZEETEX, inviting attendees for some tyre talk over a cup of coffee. The four-day agenda at SEMA was dedicated to deepening existing relationships and cultivating new ones.